20 Acres of Recreational Land in Lake County, Oregon! Bordered by BLM Land!

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Lot #100 off of Christmas Valley Highway
Riley, OR 97758
  • Price: $20,000
  • Square feet: 871,200

 Are you looking for a recreational property to get away from a busy lifestyle? Are you wishing you had a place to go to where all you can hear is the wind across the valley and foothills that surround you in a serene desert landscape? 

This is a rural property where you can find that solitude to calm your mind and soul and surround yourself with nature. There is almost no light pollution here, and the dark skies allow for some of the most amazing night starwatching in the country!


This would be an ideal spot for a hunting or recreational campsite in Lake County, Oregon. You can hike, ride horseback, or explore in an off-road vehicle. The nearest established, paved road is only about a mile away, but there are no roads leading directly to the property, there is a spot where you can park and hike about 1/2 mile to the property. There were old BLM roads that previously led to the property, but they have grown over.

The wildlife that can be found here are deer, antelope, rabbit, grouse, and birds of prey, including eagles and falcons!

The property sits at the 4400-foot elevation with a dry, arid environment, unlike the rainy interior valleys that Oregon is famous for. It does get cold here in the winter, but the summers are warm and mild.

The flora consists of primarily sage, native grasses, and wildflowers.

The landscapes of the Christmas Valley area are unique with unusual rock formations, and dunes of pumice and ash created from the eruption of Mt. Mazama that formed Crater Lake about 7,000 years ago. Nearby Glass Mountain has areas where you can collect the obsidian on BLM land. The area is famous with rock collectors!

The Christmas Valley Sand Dunes attract visitors from across the country to ride ATV/OHV on the dunes! There are approximately 11,000 acres of dunes available for off-road vehicles that are governed by the Bureau of Land Management.

The diverse landscapes and spectacular sunsets offer some incredible landscape photography opportunities!

Lake County gets plenty of sunshine, so if you need to have power, solar or wind may be a good option! 


 Give our office a call today for more information on this large, 20 acre parcel! Own your own recreational property!

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GPS Coordinates: 43.2156, -120.0934


There are no established roads that lead directly to the property, these distances are from the closest main road, Christmas Valley Hwy / Wagontire Rd, :

Christmas Valley                                      32 Miles
Christmas Valley Sand Dunes                40 Miles
La Pine, Oregon                                      97  Miles
Bend, Oregon                                         128 Miles
Burns, Oregon                                         71 Miles 
Klamath Falls, Oregon                          157 Miles
Lakeview, Oregon                                   83 Miles


~Just some friendly advice when traveling in rural Oregon, especially if you are from out of the area. ~

  • Do not rely solely on technology such as GPS for navigation, do make sure all of your batteries and electronics are charged. 
            *This is especially true when visiting rural properties, many places in rural Oregon and in the mountains do not have cell service*
  • Printing out your maps and taking them with you is a good idea.
  • Make sure you know your travel route before you leave, and drive an appropriate vehicle for the roads.
  • Towns with gas or charging stations can be many miles away, keep your tank full or battery charged. 
  • Make sure you have emergency supplies, including blankets, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, food, and water.
  • Let someone know where you are, what your plans are, and when you are expected to return. Try not to deviate from your plan. 
  • Use common sense and follow appropriate safety precautions




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