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Mr. Tessmer was a joy to work with and he sold our property quickly and for a great return. If I had more property to sell I would most assuredly use his services. Plus he's a very nice person!

Bob made the transaction smooth and easy. We live far away from the sold property and were not available to visit a local realtor in person. Bob kept us in the loop at every part of the deal and made it stress free. I'm glad we had Cascade Land and Homes as our realtor.

Bob Tessmer is an outstanding real estate agent! I purchased a beautiful parcel through him. He made the process easy and pressure free. He also set completely accurate expectations regarding closing costs and timing even though both of these were controlled by the title company. Communication was great and there were no surprises on the transaction. He even helped me with some things after closing, which were not his responsibility. I hope to do more business with Bob in the future.

I don't know if I would be where I am now, literally or figuratively, without the knowledge, enthusiasm, honesty, respect, and all around professionalism that Bob has to offer. I am glad to work with him, and grateful for all he does! You can bet good money that he is going to be the first person I recommend for anyone looking for property! Thank you so much!!!!

Love Cascade, they’re awesome! I love that they’re full-service, and they took care of all my questions, even things I didn’t know to ask. In addition, Bob’s previous experience as a contractor has been invaluable to me; he knows what to look for in a home structurally when buying or building, really helpful and a bonus compared to other professionals I worked with in the past. And he was able to give me solid advice on what things I needed to fix before selling my rental! Professional, competent, and easy to work with, I couldn’t be more pleased!!

I wanted to do some research before I sold my land. It's been in my family for years and wanted to make sure I had the right broker for the job. Robert at Cascade Land and Homes was definitely the best choice I could have made! I got a great price for our land, and sold it to folks who I know will be good stewards of the land and respect it as my family had. My family and I were able to move to Arizona knowing that we had made the right choice and got enough money out of the deal to build our new home! Thank you Robert! I couldn't be happier!

I moved up here to go to school at OSU. Robert found me the perfect home! It's quiet and out in the country where I can find peace and study for a few years. I will definitely be calling him back when I am ready to sell! I had so much to get ready for my move, but finding a house turned out to be the easy part! He explained all the paperwork, negotiated the price, and I got the house I wanted for the price I wanted. I couldn't be happier! I recommend using Robert for your next home purchase!

I've been looking for a second home in Oregon for a while to open a BnB, for several years, actually. I could never find the right place. I went into real estate offices over the last several months, but they were never the right fit. Bob took the time to find me exactly what I was looking for! He helped me negotiate the price so everyone was happy, and I absolutely love my new home! I can't wait to get it all set up for my new guests!

I was so sick of feeling like I was getting interrogated whenever I walked into a real estate office, like they were selling used cars or something. High pressure, talking over me. Nothing like that here, very low pressure. I explained to Robert what my plans were and what I was looking for, and showed me places in my price range. I found a great piece of property with Robert's help after walking out of several other offices, made an offer and everything went smoothly, great experience!

We bought our first home from Robert, I didn't think we could ever buy a home, but he found us one we could afford and helped us understand all of the paperwork and explained everything. This was all new to us and he worked with us to get us in our first home! I recommend calling him, even if you don't think you can own a house, you might be able to! I would absolutely recommend his office!

Bob Tessmer is a great Broker, he was polite, easy to talk to and knows his business. He was great at always getting right back to me to answer my questions. He cares about his clients. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a home.

I've been in the market looking to sell my property. I walked into Cascade Land and Homes and was immediately struck by the clean, professional ambiance in their office, inspired by the lush green of Oregon. I was weary based on past experiences with other realtors. Rather than feeling ambushed and pressured. Robert was patient with my questions, providing knowledgeable answers with personalized insight. I look forward to working with them moving forward!

Bob Tessmer made buying our home easy. Bob was great to work with. He was friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable, Bob went above and beyond to help us close on our home quickly and efficiently.

Everyone was really friendly. I felt like I was working with friends, but friends who know what they are talking about, not like my friends. I was looking for some land to start an organic farm. Robert gave me all of the info I needed and helped me find a place. I would recommend them!

I came in to get a feel for what's available and Robert was very thorough and helpful. He was welcoming and more than happy to listen to my parameters and gave me a list of what I needed! Definitely would recommend if you want buy or sell or just want to sit down and talk about what's out there.

I was looking for a new home closer to my job so I wouldn't have so far to commute. I really like the area around Lebanon. I spend a lot of time fishing and I like that the river is nearby. Robert was great to work with, no pressure, and he helped me find what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Cascade Land and Homes!

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